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What are diamond painting kits?

What are diamond painting kits?

A diamond painting pen is an applicator that is used to pick and stick drills or diamonds from the tray to the canvas. It uses wax to hold the beads to its nib. You may need to dip it again in wax if the stickiness of the pen has ended. It is the basic diamond pen. Diamond painting is one of a kind leisure activity with several benefits.

The concept of diamond painting is not new. It is believed to be started in Asia. From there, it spread into other parts of the world. In earlier days, diamond paintings were created on velvet by gluing beads on the velvet canvas that is considered a hard way as beads can fall from the velvet cloth easily. During its days of development, super glues have been tested and are now used with velvet canvases to keep the diamonds intact. Velvet canvas has its own benefit that its almost wrinkle/creases free.

A light pad is a light source in the form of a flat box with a translucent surface lighted from inside. It helps the diamond artists to see the symbols on the canvas clearly. Plug it in, and the surface will lit. Place your diamond painting above it to work. This light pad is helpful in low light conditions or when you are working at night. People with eyesight issues also find this useful.

Brush-on sealers come in different varieties and consistencies. Some sealers increase the shine of the diamonds, whereas some have a matte formula. It is applied by using a brush. The thick white gel becomes transparent after drying and locks the diamonds in their place. Spray sealers don't fill the gaps in between diamonds and only increase the shine of diamonds. So, there is a chance that diamonds may pop out after some time. It's better to frame such diamond paintings to increase their life.

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