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What is a full/partial drill diamond painting?

What is a full/partial drill diamond painting?

Diamond painting full drill means every inch of the painting area of your canvas is filled with diamonds. It gives the entire diamond painting a mosaic look. Full diamond painting usually employs square diamonds and has a shinier effect than partial drill.

Partial drill diamond painting, also known as partly filled diamond painting, refers to the diamond painting in which the whole canvas isn't covered with drills. The emphasis is on particular objects like a cat or butterfly. Special diamond drills are not the regular square or round diamond drills. These have unique shapes, including teardrop shape, oval, coin shape, flat-sided round, etc. These drills don't have any standard size, and their size depends on the image of the diamond painting.

There are special diamond kits that include a mix of both special drills and regular (square and round) drills. These kits are usually partially filled where you can see the exposed canvas from behind as these kits usually highlight specific objects. Partial drill diamond painting kits focus on specific objects and highlight them by using diamonds. Special diamond painting kits are mostly partial-drills.

Square diamonds need more precision when we stick them on the canvas. Each side of the square diamond aligns perfectly with the next diamond without leaving any gap. Square diamonds are preferred by experienced crafters and used on large canvases.

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