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Bestir oneself with the Canvas

Bestir oneself with the Canvas

Opting for the best Kit: Primarily, utilizing the money in your wallet in the most prolific and cost-effective method is the key to purchase the right diamond painting kit for yourself. This significant step has the potential to either make or break your experience so here’s our expert recommendation for you; the individuals who label themselves as pros can acquire their larger kits from any craft store whereas, the people who have recently adopted this hobby of diamond painting should opt for the smaller sized kits as they are easy to complete and they are known to build interest. In order to attain the perfect value for your bucks always opt for a kit packed with a printed canvas, bedazzling diamonds, a cute tray, a settler tool and a gel/wax sachet.  (Easy isn’t it?)

Understanding the Canvas: Secondly, it all comes down to having a clear and complete understanding of the printed canvas. Basically a canvas is an array of small squared boxes which have their very own colored, numerical, symbolic or alphabetic labels. Working with labels gives us the leverage to falter as little as possible. The chart alongside the labels ensures that we don’t get lost in this entire journey. There’s no denying the fact that these labels, are easier to follow, comprehend and execute.

The Soothing Smoothing: Thirdly, smoothing out the canvas is the next step. Once you’ve unfolded the canvas, there now lies a beautiful spectacle in front of your eyes that is ready for us to dig in but the edges aren’t smooth yet. To smooth out the canvas entirely, the best practice is to tape it down to any particular flat and smooth surface. Using masking tape to prevent the edges of the canvas rolling in and hindering your process is the key here. We know that this process can cause some headaches too but if you strictly follow our instructions, you won’t have any problems whatsoever and you can now proceed to the next steps in the most prolific method.

Peel as you Proceed: Moving on, this particular next step centers around peeling the plastic. Since you must be aware by now that there’s a plastic covering over the canvas, we’ll now tell you what you have to do about it. Basically, you have to peel off a part of it before you begin on the canvas.  The best practice is to peel off a little chunk (about 1 inches) and commencing your painting until that portion is complete. Never peel off the entire plastic covering or else the canvas loses its only protective covering.

Sorting the diamonds: Next, we have now arrived at the final stage of bestirring yourself with the canvas. Here, we intend to pour the diamonds onto their respective trays in order to ensure perfect segregation. It works wonders if you proceed using a small amount at first. Consulting the canvas lying in front of you, you can now move forward to grab onto the respective diamond’s bag. All you have to do here is to empty that bag in the tray and that’s how you bestir yourself with the canvas prolifically. You can let your very own will and preferences come into play here and proceed accordingly.

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