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New Arrivals

Amethyst Dragon Diam...


With shimmering shades of lilac, mauve and amethyst, rest quietly beside this moonlit waterfall listening to the serene sounds of the fragrant flowers in bloom.  With a flying dragons and glittering castle in the background, seek out the adventure you were meant to travel unbounded by any constraint..

Arabian Nights Diamo...


The lamp is lit and the land is aglow with golden sand and glittering domes. In her lilac ensemble and hot pink jewels, this princess is ready to party at the palace. So rub the lamp and see what fortunes your future holds! Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applica..

Aussie Girl Diamond ...


Walkabout with this Sassy Sheila in her fashionable outback attire.  Accented with contrast boot straps, cuffs and hem, she adopts a few native critters for some festive, fun in the sun down under. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applicator + Grip x 1, Wax x 2...

Betty Love Diamond P...


Originally created by Max Fleischer in the 1930’s, Betty Boop is known and loved the world over. As part of our homage to all things Boop, this Betty shares some four-legged love with her adorable pooch Pudgy and her floppy eared cat, Bimbo. Presented in classic red and black, it’s sealed with her t..

Biker Betty Diamond ...


Betty Boop’s iconic image has been adapted over the years, but her sweet and sassy essence has remained the same. Here she takes a turn as a biker babe from the wild side surrounded by eye-popping street art. Grab your keys and head for the open road. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Dia..

Bubble, Bubble, Choc...


Bubble, Bubble, Chocolate trouble;Fire burn, add marshmallow double.A cup of milk, a spoon full of sugar.In the caldron boil and stir with vigor.Cocoa powder, and love of mom,makes a perfect cup of Halloween calm.\nPlease note: Marshmallow will be spelled incorrectly on the canvas but is easily fixa..

Butterfly Of Paradis...


An explosion of luminescent colors have taken the form of a blossoming butterfly. Feel the flutter of its wings, and journey into a world inside each expressionistic daub of flight. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applicator + Grip x 1, Wax x 2...

Cavalier Cat Diamond...


All-For-One and One-For-All! Behold this feline's ravishing costume and piercing green eyes to decode the mystery behind this masquerading musketeer. Only you can decide if he’s a friend or foe to the delightful mice who surround him. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x..

Halloween Haunted Ho...


In a world where the glowing cobwebs glitter and the dazzling pumpkins shine, exists a mysterious mist which permeates the grounds of our Halloween Haunted House.  With cawing crows and a brilliant full moon overhead, enter only if you dare, as we've never seen anyone come out! Everything you need i..

Izzy, The Beekeeper ...


Fashionable fit in her festive off-the-shoulder, denim overall outfit; Izzy and her flying friends buzz buzz buzz with sweet stickiness in preparation for some Halloween fun.  Share their magic in this cheerful celebration of sunflowers and honeycomb. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Dia..

Masque of Love Diamo...


Pursued by a mysterious stranger, you whisk away into a garden full of fairies after realizing your identity has been discovered. Underneath the crackle of fireworks and the shimmering, opalescent moon, a gesture of love beckons you to reveal the depth within your soul.  Everything you need is inclu..

Poppies and Steampun...


Gear up for some steampunk adventure and journey through the space-time continuum in a flash of shimmering poppies. With futuristic, metallic blue hair, this sassy lass keeps herself fashionable in a Victorian corset and sparkling jeweled accessories.   Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, D..

Princess Izzy Diamon...


Unfettered by the formality of the palace, free-spirited Izzy lets herself enjoy a moment of respite in the forest, surrounded by a menagerie of magical creatures. Though attired in ribbons and lace, she is one with nature in this roseate image. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds ..

Rapunzel Diamond Pai...


Time is no worry as you lose yourself in a blanket of soft, glittering, golden hair. So dream the days away with a friendly, chittering mouse knowing that Prince Charming is on his way.  Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applicator + Grip x 1, Wax x 2...

Scaredy Cats (limite...


Hidden behind the glowing smile of a snickering jack-o'-lantern, our two scaredy cats peer out with caution. With a full moon, foggy mist, and crisp, cackling leaves as our background, this painting is sure to make a shivering splash for Halloween! Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamon..

Scorpio Diamond Pain...


Bursting with color and light, a splendid opal bangle is offered to a mystical scorpion spirit. From the pyramids in the background to the mermaid arising from other-worldly waters, this image is filled with symbolism of special significance to those born under this intense water sign. Everything yo..

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