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Spirituality & Religion

A Savior is Born Dia...


Away in a manger no crib for a bedThe little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet headThe stars in the bright sky looked down where he layThe little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.~Unknown Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applicator + Grip x 1, Wax x 2...

Buddha Feng Shui Dia...


When at rest, the body is peaceful and radiates glorious auras of authentic color. Meant to bring harmony into the home, this Buddha is ready to be placed in just the right spot to bring you peace, joy and harmonious dreams. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applic..

Chakra Lotus Diamond...


While chakra are various focal points used in a variety of ancient meditation practices, the lotus flower is considered sacred symbolizing purity and resurrection. Awaken your inner self by breathing calm and relaxation into your life with this diamond art painting of peace and serenity. Everything ..

Forever in My Heart ...


Fill your world with the glorious, glittering, gold of angelic wings, nestled amongst gilded puffs of clouds. And feel the warmth of the luminous red earth, covering and calming the flesh from the losses we endure. Forever in my heart, you will always be. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1,..

Madonna and Child Di...


The figures of Madonna and Child are one of the most easily recognizable, most frequently produced images in art history. Bring home this beautiful portrait of intimacy and spirituality to celebrate all that is holy. Everything you need is included: Canvas x 1, Diamonds x 1, Tray x 1, Applicator + G..

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